Tickets will be sold in the Edmonton EXPO Centre and through roving sellers on the grounds from 1 p.m. until 9 p.m.
Raffle Tickets:

  • Single ticket at $5
  • Three tickets for $10
  • Ten tickets for $20

Raffle winning ticket numbers:


Ticket Number


July 21 Ticket #: A-C-149904

Prize Amount: $6,207.50

Anna Marie Dobransky
July 22 Ticket #: B-C 429768

Prize Amount: $13,820

Jonathan Blouin
July 23 Ticket #: C-C-441887

Prize Amount: $8,967.50

Sheldon Regan
July 24 Ticket #: D-C-381532

Prize Amount: $2,557.50

Cody Steere
July 25 Ticket #: E-C 434908

Prize Amount: $10,597.50

Tracey Lynn Fayad
July 26 Ticket #: F-C 167379

Prize Amount: $10,727.50

Irene Nemes
July 27 Ticket #: G-C 569903

Prize Amount: $10,052.50

Kimberly Kristin Klein
July 28 Ticket #: H-B-172758

Prize Amount: $8,910.00

July 29 Ticket #: I-C-238486

Prize Amount: $26,620.00

Cody Melnyk
July 30* Ticket #: J-C-415879

Prize Amount: $13,442.50

Tummasorn Thammavongsa

*The Sunday, July 30 winning ticket will need to be claimed by noon on Monday, July 31.


K-Days Cash 50/50 Raffle Daily Draw

The K-Days Cash 50/50 Raffle is in support of youth development, education and agricultural programs such as 4-H Days at Farmfair International, the Farm at K-Days, Amazing Agriculture, Northlands Youth Beekeeping Program and Northlands Urban 4-H Club. The daily raffle will be conducted using tickets sold by volunteers during each of K-Days 10 days.

A daily draw will be conducted each evening once all tickets sales are closed and reconciled for that day. The winning number will be posted by 11 p.m. on the K-Days website, available through a voice message on a dedicated raffle phone line 780.471.7111, and communicated via social media. The holder of the winning ticket will have until 7 p.m. the following day to claim the prize. The prize is to be claimed by returning to the Edmonton EXPO Centre Guest Services within the allotted time. If the prize is not claimed the unclaimed prize amount will be added to the next draw. Each ticket receipt will have the information regarding the process to check the ticket number and to claim the prize.


AGLC # 464303

For the full rules of this lottery visit here.


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