Monday Morning Magic - July 20

Presented by BeeClean

Thank you!

Thank you to all the amazing local heroes, volunteers and organizations who help make this morning magical!

It’s Monday Morning Magic’s 43rd year!

When you’re in the middle of the Midway, you can feel the rush of excitement—the amazing energy of the crowd as it surges around you. It’s a thrilling sensation, if you can keep up with it, but for over 40 years we’ve understood that not everyone is equipped to handle the regular pace of the K-Days experience.

Monday Morning Magic is the special time when children with special need between the ages of three and 12 are invited to enjoy the fair at their own speed, with local celebrities, heroes and professional athletes at their side. Hosted by Northlands and North American Midway Entertainment, this event is one of our proudest traditions and a perfect way to help create lifelong memories for those who might otherwise miss out.

We thank you for your interest in Monday Morning Magic and look forward to another successful year!

Thank you for your interest in Monday Morning Magic. Stay tuned in January for information and application form for 2020.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors:




North American Midway Entertainment


Boston Pizza
Caring Clowns Society
Charity Princesses
Edmonton Eskimos Football Club
Edmonton Oil Kings
Edmonton Oilers
Edmonton Police Services
Edmonton Prospects
Fire Prevention/Fire Rescue Services
University of Alberta

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