Premium Shopping Plaza

Hall H

Hours: noon – 11 p.m.
Date: Daily, July 19 – 28
Location: Hall H, Edmonton EXPO Centre

Your Shopping Experience!

It’s never about what you originally set out to find. The thrill of the market comes when you happen to stumble upon an object you never knew existed, but you immediately know you cannot do without.

A great day of shopping is just like a treasure hunt. You know the gold is out there waiting for you—you just have to find it.

This premium shopping area is K-Days’ ultimate shopping experience—representing over 100 exhibits spread out across 36,000 sq ft.

Exhibitor List

Company Name Booth # Product Description
780ToothFairy H538 Tooth gems and whitening
7th Ave Distribution H219 Skin and hair care
ACT/UCT Edmonton South H Galley Wheelchairs and Strollers
Acupuncture Care Holistic Centre H338 Acupuncture
Angelo Concrete Works Ltd H412 Decorative landscape products
Arbor Memorial Inc. H251 Funeral preplan services
Arcane Coda H519 Arcane Brand Clothing
Baby Shark H449 Baby Shark Toys
Bank of Montreal H314 Banking Information and BMO MasterCard
Bethune Oriental Medicine Centre H437 Herbal Products
BigSteelBox H265 Moving and Portable Storage
Body and Hair Direct H304 Health and beauty products
BodyMods H448 Body and hair accessories
Bonnie’s Accessories H521 Phone accessories
Bubble and Gum G607 Assorted candy and sweets
Canadian Blood Services H19 Literature
Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation H20 Literature
Candy-Candy H240 Assorted candy and sweets
Canwise Develop Inc. H11 Backpacks, Binoculars and Accessories
Caricatures by Rob and Doug H04 Caricatures
Cash Box Pawn H223 Variety of Pawn Products
Choy Hope Trading Chinese Tea Specialist H350 Tea and teaware
Crafts of Tibet H537 Tibetan imports and curios
Da Pop-Up Shop H205 Anime clothing and products
Danger Cats Clothing H526 Danger Cats clothing
Direct Energy H204 Residential Energy Plans
DocWalks H06, H119 Doc Walks Insoles
Dragon’s Breath H17 Dragon’s Breath Concessions
Ecuathentic H214 Ecuadorian clothing and imports
Edmonton ProLife H351 Literature
Egyptian Luxury Collection Bedsheets H07 Clara Clark Bed Sheets
EMJO Enterprise Ltd G621 First Star Android boxes
Executive Jewels H239 Jewelry, jackets, and accessories
Exmore Inc. H220 Leather clothes and accessories
EyeMazy H03 Iris Photography
Fantasy Toys H429, H432 Toys, mugs, and signs
Fazackerley Fudge H420 Fudge
Fifth Avenue Collection – Beautiful Jewelry H213 Fifth Avenue Jewelry
Gifts & More G04 Stone and Crystal Figurines
Go Holo add Inc. H527 Holograms
GO RV Hall C RV’s
Golden Arches H339 Foot care and Orthotic products
Grace Art Bali G01 Art
greenteaHAWAII H201 Tea and Hydro flask bottles
Handcrafted Tattoo Convention & Fine Art H457 Tattoo’s
Hawaiian Moon H253 Aloe Skin Cream
Henna Body Art H212 Henna and Jagua temporary tattoo’s
Highlands International H446 Apparel fashion and gifts
Ice Panda H532 Ice Cream
Ilahui H134 Household items and gifts
Infinite Aloe Skin Care H231 Aloe Skin Care Products
Interlock Metal Roofing H411 Metal roofing
International Paintball Group H263 Paintball tickets
IrWarriors G02 Literature
Jessica’s Toys and Gifts H405 LED Swords, balloons and gyro wheels
JNEX H439 Handbags, Wallets, and accessories
Jolly Stone Accessories G633 Mobile accessories and Jewelry
Karafka G621a Embroidery, jewelry, and Décor
Kifune Japan G538 Japanese gifts
Krazy Kanucks G534 Beef Jerky
Le Viet H528 Nightwear, 3D Cards, and accessories
Leggings Pro G631 Leggings
Lily’s Silk Art H347 Leggings and toys
Maple Leaf Fudge H228 Fudge
MyHome H232 Bedding, aromatherapy and sound therapy
Nature Conservancy of Canada G540 Nature conservancy literature
Niagara Therapy G526 Adjustable beds and massage chairs
NRSH H126 Bath bombs, soaps, and body lotions
Ocean Sales Group Ltd

G601, G603, H12, H301, H303, H310,  H311, H508, H513

Health, fitness, and home products
Opatra H256 Opatra
Original Energy Sales H261 Hair and skin care products
Osh Beauty Supply H516 Hair care and styling tools
Outbound X Ronin H509 Anime key chains and toys
Perfect Florist & Gift Shop H252 Plants, floral arrangements, and accessories
Perfume Direct H305 Perfume
Piccollo Espresso Bar H18 Coffee  cart concessions
Pink Zebra G532 Soft soy wax
Plainsbreaker H255 Plainsbreaker clothing
Proof Experiences / Vape Maze G39 Literature and Vape Maze
QNA Co Ltd H356 Vietnamese clothing and handicrafts
Rainbow Systems H415 Rainmate air purifier
Redfern Enterprises Ltd H403, H110, H09, H08, H10, H203, H01, H540, H510 Shiatsu massagers, retro video games, and more
Refreshed Shoe Cleaner H211 Shoe Cleaner
Scentsy H249 Candles and diffusers
Shaw Cable Systems G613 Shaw Product Information
Shell Shock H313 Vape products and surprise boxes
Sock Rocket G532 Socks
Soho Hair Fashion G619 Hair extensions and Accessories
SpaBerry H128 Two-man spas
Spartan Kitchen Products H414 kitchen gadgets and knives Foundation G03 Awareness bike giveaway
Street Dogs & Sandwiches H13 Gourmet dogs and sandwiches
Stuffy Riders Hall A Galley Stuffy toy rides
Subcana H521 Pipes and accessories
Sunset Gourmet G06 Food Products
Sweetlegs Edmonton with Jennifer G609 Wicked Wear and leggings
T & E H341 Clothing and accessories
Table Top Cafe G341 Board games
Tenshi Hobby H460 Plush and plastic toys
The Asian Clothing Supply H264 Clothing
The Old Sign Shop H121 Neon signs and clocks
The Paper Canvas H261 Pokémon, Harry Potter, and Anime Products
The Shades and Piggy Bank Place H202 Piggy banks, sunglasses, and accessories
Thrill Masters G338 Indoor Ride
Titanium Exclusive Cookware Inc. H233 Cookware
Triple Star Import Ltd H422 Chinese Embroidery and jewelry
Tupperware H210 Tupperware
Urad Leather Cream H442 Leather cream and honey cream
Vapor Club H430 Vapes and Hookah
Virtual Land G430 Virtual Ride
Wania’s Henna Body Art H132 Henna temporary tattoos
Wireless Wave H233 Wireless Ave
YEG Stickers H515 Stickers


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