Pandora’s Boxes presented by Telus

Featuring President’s Choice SuperDogs and Milord Acrobats

Showtimes: 3, 5 & 7 p.m.
Daily, July 19 – 28
Hall D, Edmonton EXPO Centre

K-Days Feature Show

Walk through a mysterious tunnel filled with beautiful lights and unusual sounds to enter Pandora’s Boxes, a wonderful world powered by the magic of the SuperDogs. Visually exciting and wildly entertaining, this is the story of a 6-foot Purple Labrador named Willy who wants to join the circus. You’ll see acrobats who defy gravity, entertainers who cheat death, and SuperDogs that can do extraordinary things, including one that talks!

But only at the very end when it looks like Willy will never get his wish does the real magic happen…


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