Cultural Showcase

presented by Ledcor

Hall C

Let’s celebrate the cultural mosaic of Northern Alberta!

From north to south and east to west, our province is honoured to have an array of different cultures with unique heritages and traditions. Many of these traditions include the expression of their identity through dances and music.

Through our K-Days cultural showcase, submerge yourself in traditional dance and musical experiences of various heritages. Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, every half hour a cultural group will share their traditional dances and music.

Cultural performers include:

  • Northlands Indigenous Princess
  • Mattierin Irish dance
  • Cheremosh Ukrainian dance
  • Kita no Taiko Japanese drums
  • El Mejor Mariachi
  • Bavarian Schuplattlers
  • Celtic Celidh
  • Sangea African drums
  • Ushla kala niketan South Asian dance
  • Cuban Movement
  • Azerbaijan Cultural Society



Hall C

Edmonton EXPO Centre
Dates: July 27 – 29
Hours: 1 – 7 p.m.

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