Showtimes: TBA
Hall C, Edmonton EXPO Centre

From north to south and east to west, our province is honoured to have an array of different cultures with unique heritages and traditions. Many of these traditions include the expression of their identity through music and dance.

Through our K-Days cultural showcase, submerge yourself in traditional experiences of various heritages. Stay tuned for 2020 program updates!

Apply to be part of the showcase

Northlands is soliciting applications for exhibitors, educational displays works or demonstration, vendors and performances for the Indigenous & Culutural showcase at K-Days 2020.

Preference will be given to applications that are:

  • Educational and/or Interactive
  • Celebrate and share indigenous culture
  • From indigenous-owned businesses
  • Unique opportunities
  • Create an economic opportunity

Use the forms below to apply to be part of the showcase! We welcome you to apply:

Indigenous Showcase

Show Dates: July 20 – 22

Cultural Showcase

Show Dates: July 23 – 25

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