Birthday Recognition Form

Can you think of any place in the world that would make for a better birthday party than K-Days? The food, games, exhibits and rides alone make it the perfect party destination, but it gets even better for those lucky kids 3-12 years old, whose birthdays fall between July 20 and 29! If your birthday falls between these dates, get the K-Days Birthday VIP treatment on the day you choose to come to K-Days; this can be on your actual birthday or a date that works for your family!

The full K-Days Birthday VIP treatment includes a special candy and toy-filled loot bag, coupons for free food and gifts from various exhibitors, preferred seating at certain daily performances and front of the line access at Kids Town “Meet and Greets” and the chance to dress up and join two of their friends in the (Mini Parade’s) Birthday Orchestra!

They’ll want to make sure they wear their “It’s My Birthday” pin, so everyone knows it’s their special day!

To receive the package, they (mom, dad or a guardian) must stop by the Guest Relations Booth and provide some proof of date of birth (birth certificate, health care card, etc).

Stay tuned June/July 2018 for the application form.

Birthday Recognition Online application is now closed.


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