Redeem Your Advance Voucher

Thank you for purchasing your Ride-All-Day or K-Days Gate Admission at either Save-On-Foods, Mac’s Convenience Store or Circle K.

Please select the type of K-Days pass you purchased:



Need instructions? Read these before proceeding.

Please follow these instructions to successfully redeem and print your K-Days pass at home.

  1. On the top of this page, please select the ‘REDEEM HERE‘ button: If you purchased an advanced K-Days Ride-All-Day Pass, please select the red button. If you purchased an advanced Gate Admission pass, please select the  blue button.
  1. This will prompt you to the Ticketmaster page. Please select Best Available and then select Got an Offer Code?

K-Days 2017

  1. Scratch off the portion of your advanced pass to reveal the code on your pass. Enter this code in the space provided. Select Apply.

Note: This code is case sensitive.

K-Days 2017

  1. Your offer code will be accepted and then select Find Tickets.
  1. Select Buy.
  1. Select Print at Home.
  1. You will then be prompted to login to your Ticketmaster account. After placing your information within the fields, you will then be able to print your tickets from your computer.

Note: If you do not have a Ticketmaster account, select create account. After creating your account, you will be able to continue redeeming your pass in the same spot you left off on. You will then be able to print your tickets from your computer.

Thank you and get ready for the best 10 days of summer!


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