New Foods

K-Days New Foods Contest

Date: TBA
Judging: TBA
Winners announcement: TBA

For many people, the best thing about K-Days is the food! Featuring your choice of gourmet delights, beloved comfort foods and exciting new culinary innovations, it’s impossible to leave the fair hungry. Stay tuned for K-Days new foods! There’s going to be something for everyone on the Midway—from the traditional to the extraordinary to a few items you’ll have to be dared to try.

Get ready for food overload because the list of this year’s K-Days New Foods items are here! Take a look at the exciting new items vendors are offering and the ones you just gotta try!

Stay tuned for the new foods!

Congratulations to our 2019 top 3 new midway winners!

1st place: Butterbeer Soft Serve (Summerland Soft Serve)
Butterbeer Soft Serve - Summerland Soft Serve - K-Days New Foods 1st Place

2nd place: Dragon’s Breath Ice Cream (Dragon’s Breath)
Dragon’s Breath Ice Cream - K-Days New Foods 2nd Place

3rd Place: Pizza Perogies (International Perogies)
Pizza Perogies - International Perogies - K-Days New Foods Contest 3rd Place

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