We caught up with K-Days Talent Search contestant Chris Hammer to see how things are going for the talented performer who competed in 2019.

Alberta is full of people who are bursting with talent—both hidden and cultivated. The K-Days Talent Search is devoted to providing a platform for these skilled individuals and aims to give gifted entertainers a chance to earn the public attention they deserve.

For over 25 years, the K-Days Talent Search (KDTS) has been a place where singers, dancers, pianists, jugglers, and more come together to showcase their passion, learn from industry professionals, and connect with others.


Chris Hammer

Most recent year competed – 2019
Instagram @lock_n_c

Q & A

Q: Since you competed in K-Days Talent Search (KDTS), what have you been up to?

Chris Hammer: Mostly training and learning new routines for this season competitions. Unfortunately, due to COVID, I was only able to get a few performances in this season. My highlight was performing at the WE Day. The event was held at Roger’s Place which was amazing. I also got to perform at the New Year’s Eve festival in Sherwood Park. We used light-up suits which gave us a cool futuristic look.

Chris Hammer - K-Days Talent Search

Q: What did the KDTS experience mean to you? What did you learn?

Chris: It was a great learning experience and gave me an opportunity to do what I love to do best which is perform in front of an audience. I learned to never give up and perform from your heart.

Q: Did you attend KDTS bootcamp? How was your experience?

Chris: It was great getting feedback and meeting some of the other contestants. I learned a lot about performing from the competition and how to project my energy. The biggest thing I came away with is making sure I have more eye contact.

Q: What is your favorite thing about K-Days?

Chris: I love the rides and the shows.

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without?

Chris: My family and friends.

Q: During COVID-19 have you picked up a new hobby, or found a favorite show on Netflix?

Chris: Yes, I started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Q: During COVID-19 have you had to alter how you practice your talent?

Chris: Yes, I had to learn how to use Zoom and was able to continue my training virtually.

Q: What steps did you take (contests, bootcamps, joining associations, hiring managers, etc.) that you would recommend to others looking to become serious in their chosen talents?

Chris: I keep trying to take classes that challenge me including trying different styles and learning from different instructors through workshops.

Q: What would you recommend to aspiring artists/musicians/dancers who want to further their presence in the industry locally?

Chris: I would recommend participating in as many performance opportunities as possible, no matter how small.

Looking back and catching up with past contestants gets us even more excited to see Alberta’s talent next year!
Be sure to check out K-Days.com for updates on the competition and how to apply.

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