We caught up with K-Days Talent Search contestant Kat Zel to see how things are going for the talented musician who competed in 2019.

Alberta is full of people who are bursting with talent—both hidden and cultivated. The K-Days Talent Search is devoted to providing a platform for these skilled individuals and aims to give gifted entertainers a chance to earn the public attention they deserve.

For over 25 years, the K-Days Talent Search (KDTS) has been a place where singers, dancers, pianists, jugglers, and more come together to showcase their passion, learn from industry professionals, and connect with others.


Kat Zel

Most recent year competed – 2019
Instagram and YouTube @Kat Zel Music

Q & A

Q: Since you competed in K-Days Talent Search (KDTS), what have you been up to?

Kat Zel: I have kept myself busy! I showcased on stage at Canadian Country Music Awards’ various venues. I won Fan Village Singing Competition 2019. Showcased for Alberta Touring Alliance & booked several soft seat venues with my band as a result. I performed both solo and duo performances on stage at GLOW Festival.

During 2020, with COVID-19, I have been singing at socially distant charity events. Also, Blues Fest Ottawa invited me to the Finals of National Vocalist competition 2020 in Ottawa. 

Kat Zel - K-Days Talent Search

Q: What did the KDTS experience mean to you? What did you learn?

Kat: I competed in 2019 and really enjoyed it. I do competitions to challenge myself and improve as a performer. KDTS allowed me to meet and interact with artists I didn’t know already. Connecting with likeminded individuals was both stimulating for my craft and fun to be a part of. I made some new lifelong connections.

Q: What is your favourite thing about K-Days?

Kat: Randomly bumping into neighbors and friends that are all enjoying themselves listening to music on outside stages.

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without?

Kat: Cotton candy and kettle corn!

Q: During COVID-19 have you picked up a new hobby, or found a favourite show on Netflix?

Kat: I learned a new instrument; an Alto Saxophone that a friend gifted it to me. Finally, I got time to learn it. On Netflix, I re-watched Community and laughed even harder the second time!

Q: During COVID-19 have you had to alter how you practice your talent?

Kat: Less outside opportunities to practice and more online collaboration and songwriting!

Q: What steps did you take (contests, bootcamps, joining associations, hiring managers, etc.) that you would recommend to others looking to become serious in their chosen talents?

Kat: Took online music classes with my school in Sherwood Park.

Q: If you attended specific camps/lessons or are a part of associations please state them for viewers reference.

Kat: I am a member of Alberta Country Music Association. They offer lots of mentorship and learning opportunities and have many seminars from nationally renowned specialists in my area of singer songwriting and performing too.

Q: What would you recommend to aspiring artists/musicians/dancers who want to further their presence in the industry locally?

Kat: Find locations to attend and perform at open mics or for seniors or community events looking for entertainment. Farmer’s Markets and local coffee shops spring to mind.

Looking back and catching up with past contestants gets us even more excited to see Alberta’s talent next year!
Be sure to check out K-Days.com for updates on the competition and how to apply.

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