We caught up with K-Days Talent Search contestant David Unsworth to see how things are going for the talented musician who competed in 2018.

Alberta is full of people who are bursting with talent—both hidden and cultivated. The K-Days Talent Search is devoted to providing a platform for these skilled individuals and aims to give gifted entertainers a chance to earn the public attention they deserve.

For over 25 years, the K-Days Talent Search (KDTS) has been a place where singers, dancers, pianists, jugglers, and more come together to showcase their passion, learn from industry professionals, and connect with others.


David Unsworth

Most recent year competed – 2018
Facebook @DavidUnsworthMusic
Instagram @d_unsworthmusic

Q & A

Q: Since you competed in K-Days Talent Search (KDTS), what have you been up to?
David Unsworth: I’ve been up to a few different things! First of all, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music from MacEwan University in April 2019. Since then I have been performing, teaching private music lessons, and recording and releasing some original music! My first single “Someone Else’s Eyes” is out as of July 21st!

David Unsworth - K-Days Talent Search

Q: What did the KDTS experience mean to you? What did you learn?
David: I think the KDTS showed me the enormous diversity of talent in this city. While it was obviously a huge honour to win my division, the other acts were all incredible in their own ways. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging despite the competitive nature of the event, which meant a lot to me.

Q: What is your favourite thing about K-Days?
David: Surprising no one, I think my favorite thing about K-Days is the live music that goes on throughout the exhibition. I think back to past K-Days where there has been a mix of both local acts like Carter and the Capitals, and bigger international acts like Village People. I find it really encouraging to see K-Days connecting those two worlds, which can sometimes feel quite separate from one another.

Q: What is one thing you can’t live without?
David: I’m a big tea drinker, so I think if I couldn’t have a nice cup of tea in the morning I would probably be a significantly grumpier person.

Q: During COVID-19 have you picked up a new hobby, or found a favourite show on Netflix?
David: Like many people during the lockdown, I’ve started jogging daily! It was a bit tricky at first, but now I find it important to my routine. It wakes me up and gives me energy to start my day.

Q: During COVID-19 have you had to alter how you practice your talent?
David: It has been very hard the past few months as all the venues and events that I regularly perform at have been shut down. I’ve been able to continue to teach private lessons via the internet, which has given me some sense of routine, but not being able to sing to a live audience or hear people’s voices in a crowded concert hall has been tough. I have participated in a few live stream concerts and interviews over the course of the pandemic, which has been a lot of fun!

Q: What steps did you take contests, bootcamps, joining associations, hiring managers, etc. that you would recommend to others looking to become serious in their chosen talents?
David: As previously stated, I have a degree in music, but I don’t think that everyone who aspires to be an artist needs to go to post-secondary for it. I also took a songwriting workshop in 2015 at Berklee College of Music, which opened my eyes to the music industry across North America and Europe. For those looking to get serious about their music, I recommend joining organizations like SOCAN and Alberta Music.

Q: What would you recommend to aspiring artists/musicians/dancers who want to further their presence in the industry locally?
David: Put yourself out there. Be confident in your work, but not prideful. Treat everyone you meet with respect and never take your audience for granted. Once things open again, I recommend going to events like open mics around the city, getting to know people in the local arts scene and beginning to create a network of people that you can work with and trust. One last thing: Don’t give up, even when it seems like no one cares, you never know how your art may be impacting the people around you.

Looking back and catching up with past contestants gets us even more excited to see Alberta’s talent next year!
Be sure to check out K-Days.com for updates on the competition and how to apply.

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