On July 28th K-Days celebrates Pride Day. Pride socks and flags are all over the grounds to support the LGBTQ+ community in Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

Here are 5 reasons K-Days celebrates pride!

1. Rural Communities Need Help With LGBTQ+ Program Funding

We’re sure you saw all the rainbow colored socks on the grounds today. The proceeds from the sale of these socks went to support the funding of programming for the LGBTQ+ people in rural communities.


2. LGBTQ+ People Need a Support Network

When people show their support for the LGBTQ+ community, it shows they have a network of allies and people they can turn to for acceptance and protection of their rights.



3. Raise Awareness of the Spectrum of Sexuality & Gender Expression

The spectrum of how people can express their sexuality and gender is varied and complex. The LGBTQ+ community understand this and a Pride Day can help educate people about it.

4. Pride Helps People Feel Comfortable Being Themselves

Pride day allows people to be comfortable being themselves no matter how they identify on the spectrum of sexuality and gender expression, you won’t be shamed for how you identify.



5. Pride Cultivates an Inclusive Community

If there is one word to describe Pride; it is inclusive. You will be accepted and celebrated! That is the spirit that we want everyone to leave with today.



If you are coming down to K-Days today, make sure you show your pride! Grab socks, a flag and a sticker to show you support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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