K-Days might not be possible this year but there is no reason why we cannot Celebrate Summer and all that our vibrant community has to offer. As a summer fair, we strive to reflect the life and times of those around us. To showcase amazing entrepreneurs, interesting Edmontonians, and bring some joy and good memories to the community.

Current events have disrupted our community in many ways. These changes have had a significant impact on community businesses, events, and citizens. This year, since we cannot gather in our usual way, we cannot bring our exhibitors, food vendors, musical acts, cultural and creative programs to one central spot to have a shared experience.

Instead of visiting the fair in person, we hope to bring the spirit of the fair to you throughout the summer.

Follow us on social at @kdaysyeg on Twitter or Instagram, or K-Days Edmonton on Facebook for a celebration throughout the summer and share your K-Days memories with us by using the hashtag #kdaysyeg and tagging us in your posts!

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