Main Parade – July 21 Starts at 10 a.m.!

It’s a part of K-Days that’s as important as the fair itself—a tradition that has brought millions of smiles to children and adults alike over the past generations. Every year the K-Days Parade sets the 10-day event in motion with a sea of beautiful floats, giant balloons, amazing performers, loveable mascots and real life animals.

This years’ route starts on 97th Street heading West down Jasper Avenue and finishes at 108th Street.

K-Days Parade 2017

Your K-Days Mini-Parade

Daily: 6 p.m.

It’s a moment to celebrate—to show off, be proud and make some noise. There’s a reason everyone loves a parade—that’s why this year K-Days is throwing 10 of them!

Filled with fairytale inspired mini-floats, the cavalcade of fun will include dancers, music and prizes. Those of you with small children will definitely want to pick your spot and take in all of the fun!

Are you under 12 years old and have a Birthday that falls between July 21 and 30? If so, sign up for our K-Days Birthday Recognition Program and be part of the K-Days Mini Parade.

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