Your K-Days Mini Parade

It’s a moment to celebrate—to show off, be proud and make some noise. There’s a reason everyone loves a parade—that’s why this year K-Days is throwing 10 of them!

Filled with fairytale inspired mini-floats, the cavalcade of fun will include dancers, music and prizes. Those of you with small children will definitely want to pick your spot and take in all of the fun!

Main Parade – July 17

The 2015 K-Days Parade Winners!



Mayor’s Trophy
AMA – Alberta Motor Association
Best Equine
Lord Strathcona Mounted Troop
Most Creative
City of Kelowna – Spirit of the Lake
Showcasing Youth
The War Amps
Best Municipal
Lac St. Anne
Best Non-Profit
Greater Edmonton Foundation GEF Seniors
Chairman’s Award/Crowd Engagement
Samul Nori Band and Dance Group
Peoples’ Choice
Jolly Rogers Pirate Boat – Excel Society
Best Band, under 50
Capital City Regiment Marching Showband
Best Band, 50+
Impact Drum & Bugle Corps
Best Pipe Band
RCMP Pipes and Drums

It’s a part of K-Days that’s as important as the fair itself—a tradition that has brought millions of smiles to children and adults alike over the past generations.

Every year the K-Days Parade sets the 10-day event in motion with a sea of beautiful floats, giant balloons, amazing performers, loveable mascots and real life animals.


Honorary K-Days Parade Marshals

Congratulations to the amazing local heroes who have been chosen to serve as this year’s Honorary K-Days Parade Marshals!

Champion of the Underdog

Claire Pearen

$2500 donation: Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation
As far as Claire is concerned, everyone matters and has a story worthy of her attention. In her life, random acts of kindness aren’t so random, but instead an everyday occurrence—as predictable as her bright smile and kind words. Examples of her personal acts of charity include collecting clothing to help the homeless and underprivileged and taking the time and effort to buy someone in need a meal and a chance to be heard.

Comeback Hero

Can Man Dan (Dan Johnstone)

$2500 donation: Edmonton Food Bank
Dan Johnstone aka Can Man Dan is an anti-poverty activist, philanthropist and community organizer. Dan grew up in a low-income home that often needed the assistance of agencies like Edmonton’s Food Bank. As his life turned around, he began going door-to-door collecting food donations for organizations like Edmonton’s Food Bank. Dan is best known for his winter camp-outs where he spends several freezing nights sleeping outside in a Food Bank truck. Since 2012, Dan has raised more than $33,000 and 26,000 kilograms of food in support of the Food Bank. He also speaks to schools, businesses and other organizations about poverty, homelessness—using his life story to promote positivity and prove how one small act can make a huge difference.

Community Builder

Kelly Micetich

$2500 donation: Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton
Kelly is the current president of the board of Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton and Area (BGCBigs). She started as a member of the board of directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton before moving on to BGCBigs. Kelly invests a significant amount of time and energy helping direct the organization and educating herself on issues related to its success and the success of the children and youth it serves. She is an enthusiastic mentor and role model for less experienced board members and staff and her passion for children and social justice is infectious. She speaks publicly with grace and sincerity on behalf of her organization and the mentoring movement.

Community Mentor

Kyle Hazelhurst

$2500 donation: WIN House
A gifted coach and true community mentor, Kyle has stepped up and reinvented volleyball as an alternative sport for young men and women. Mindful of the offsetting costs of sport, he has managed to ensure that participation is possible for everyone, including athletes with disabilities. Kyle is passionate about keeping youth involved in sports and has volunteered in this capacity for over a decade in schools, as well as his own club, Park Elite. This has required thousands of hours of dedication over the years—causing him to give up his own free time to help youth achieve success. He has also sought out private donations to ensure financially struggling players would be able to play and has—at times—even paid out of his own pocket.

Patron of the Arts

Francisco Yu

$2500 donation: Canadian Music Competition Edmonton Chapter
Piano and violin teacher, Francisco Yu is the 25 year-old vice president of the Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Music Competition (CMC), where he mentors students in music and social work studies. The CMC is a national organization working in the field of classical music with the goal of supporting and encouraging young Canadian performers. He also gives back to his community through his efforts as an outreach coordinator, where he provides counselling and life coaching. In this capacity, he works with a diverse population of individuals from different backgrounds, while also attending senior events as an advocate of high standard of living for the 55 plus community.

Young Hero

Sophia Qaderi

$2500 donation: Islamic Relief Foundation of Canada
Sophia has volunteered since the age of 11—starting at her parents’ tailor shop, where she sewed and donated clothing to homeless shelters. Since then she has provided more than 600 hours of volunteer time back to the community, including: Promoting and creating volunteer opportunities for youth; planning events and activities for the Youville senior home in St. Albert; mentoring elementary school children; reading to grade two children; providing meals at homeless shelters; raising more than $1,700 for children in Afghanistan; collecting school supplies for Afghan and Indian children; raising money to help build a clinic in Kenya and much more.

Mini Parade

Location: Starts on North End of the Grounds and finishes on South End
Hours: Daily at 6 p.m.

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