Indigenous Princess Pageant

Northlands and representatives of Treaty Six are pleased to be hosting the Northlands Indigenous Princess Pageant Princess to showcase and embrace indigenous culture at K-Days and throughout the year at Northlands events. The partnership provides an opportunity to educate the community regarding Treaty Six, as well as local indigenous culture and history. In continuation of the festivities and the 1st annual K-Days Pow Wow presented by the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Northlands is enthusiastic that the Northlands Indigenous Princess Pageant is an important addition to the programing that will enhance and elevate that partnership but also provide an ambassador for Northlands to build the relations within the community.

The Northlands Indigenous Princess Pageant hopes to encourage and continue to develop native/indigenous girls/women as community leaders/ambassadors while educating Edmontonians and keeping traditional native traditions alive.

The primary goal will be to engage the Northlands Indigenous Princess throughout the year as an ambassador of goodwill for Northlands, where she will attend numerous appearances and events to educate the community while developing her communication skills through teaching and sharing in rich traditions, culture, and heritage of the Indigenous people.


Hall D

Location: Hall D
Dates: July 25 – 27
Hours: TBA

The 2016 Northlands Indigenous Princess Pageant concluded with the crowning of our winner Brittney Pastion during the final day of the Pow Wow grand entry. Brittney Pastion, the Northlands Indigenous Princess, will be required to make appearances, speaking engagements, and dance performances as a representative of Northlands throughout the year to educate the community while developing her communication skills through teaching and sharing the rich traditions of Indigenous people.

Events may include but are not limited to:

  • Canadian Derby – August 20, 2016
  • Reading Week – October 2016
  • Canadian Finals Rodeo – November 2016
  • Farmfair International – November 2016
  • Volunteer Appreciation Night – April 2017
  • K-Days (Parade, Monday Morning Magic, Mini Parade) – July 2017

Brittney Pastion

Brittney Pastion is a 22-year-old that has been dancing for seven years. Although Brittney may come from a Sioux tribe, the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, she is also half Dené Tha and one-quarter Cree. Brittney also goes by her spirit name, Beautiful Singing Earth Morning Star Woman. Brittney believes it is important to know one’s culture but also to get an education. After graduating from NAIT’s Television program, Brittney has already worked for CTV News and REDx Talks. When she’s not working towards her career in the broadcasting industry, you can find her singing or at a Pow Wow.

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