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When someone asks you a question, do you sing them your answer? Do you start dancing as soon as you hear anything resembling a beat? Have you ever woken up in the morning with a musical instrument still in your hands from the night before? Is there a top hat currently on your head, on the off chance you might need to suddenly produce a rabbit?

Alberta is full of people who are bursting with talent—both hidden and cultivated. K-Days Talent Search is devoted to providing a platform for these skilled individuals and aims to give gifted entertainers a chance to earn the public attention they deserve.

Open to amateur talent ages five and up, the show will feature advancing semi-finalists and finalists on the North Stage from July 25 to the 28 as they compete for a special cash prize.

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Registration is now open!

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Talent search form deadline is June 3



Colin Forbes Memorial Scholarship


Colin Forbes deadline is June 24


The winners of the K-Days Talent Search will receive:

Grand Winning Act

• $3000 prize money
• Performances at
K-Days 2016
• Trophy

First Runner Up

• $2000 prize money
• Trophy

Second Runner Up

• $1000 prize money
• Trophy


• $100 prize money

Thank you to all of the K-Days 2015 Talent Search participants.

Your enthusiasm, skill and raw talent ignited K-Days and left fair goers wanting more.

Bernard Quilala



Hannah Chyz

Runner Up


Justin Glandon

Second Runner Up


Please keep a look out for these young stars as they continue to make their mark!

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