The Grand Shopping Experience

Your Grand Shopping Experience

It’s never about what you originally set out to find. The thrill of the market comes when you happen to stumble upon an object you never knew existed, but you immediately know you cannot do without.

A great day of shopping is just like a treasure hunt. You know the gold is out there waiting for you—you just have to find it.

The Grand is K-Days’ ultimate shopping experience—representing over 350 exhibits spread out across 122,000 sq ft. Here’s a taste of what you can expect to find:

The Grand Emporium

At the heart of The Grand is the emporium that shares its name. This isn’t a shopping mall, but an experience within an experience. With exhibits devoted to health & beauty, fashion, jewelry and home décor, be prepared to find that one perfect item you never even knew you needed.

The Neighbourhood

Come on down to The Neighbourhood where local artists, crafters, makers and artisans come together to offer the best handmade goods Edmonton has to offer. Located in The Grand Shopping Experience, this oasis of creativity will include live acoustic performances, interactive art experiences and more!

Halls F & G

Location: Edmonton EXPO Centre
Hours: noon – 11 p.m.

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