This year’s line-up for K-Days is bigger and better than ever. With 20 concerts, over 10 days on two stages, all for the price of one pass, this year’s concert series brings unbelievable value to the midway. Energetic shows for teenage music fans will be featured at the North Stage and more adult-oriented headliners will light up the brand new TD South Stage.

North Stage

(Concerts start at 8:30 p.m. each night)
JULY 22: Rita Mae
JULY 23: Wes Mack
JULY 24: Shawn Hook
JULY 25: Francesco Yates
JULY 26: Andee
JULY 27: Scott Helman
JULY 28: Jess Moskaluke
JULY 29: Tyler Shaw
JULY 30: Rachel Platten
JULY 31: Victoria Duffield

TD South Stage

(Concerts start at 9:30 p.m. each night)
JULY 22: X Ambassadors
JULY 23: Matthew Good
JULY 24: Moist
JULY 25: The Trews
JULY 26: Coleman Hell
JULY 27: Tim Hicks
JULY 28: Tom Cochrane with Red Rider
JULY 29: Monster Truck
JULY 30: Simple Plan
JULY 31: Finger Eleven

Access to both the North Stage and the TD South Stage is free with admission to K-Days. See all 20 musical acts for only $42.50 with the purchase of a 10-Day K-Pass before July 21.

Tickets to VIP sections for both stages are available for purchase at

  • North Stage VIP tickets include gate admission and are priced at $20 in advance plus applicable taxes or $25 starting July 22 plus applicable taxes. This VIP section offers a special standing area directly in front of the stage.
  • Tickets for the TD Comfort Zone, the South Stage VIP section, are $100 plus applicable fees. These tickets include an exclusive VIP area with free appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as the option to purchase alcoholic beverages.

New Rides

If the upgrade in musical entertainment wasn’t enough, K-Days will debut two new rides this year. Along with the staple fan-favourite rides like the Mega Drop and the Crazy Mouse, the fair welcomes the brand-new Himalaya and Charlie Chopper to its line-up of both adventurous and family-friendly rides.

  • Himalaya: Give your arms and lungs a healthy workout on this ride while you spin around and around under a barrage of wildly bright lights and lively music. The faster you shout; the faster you go. See just how fast you can spin – forward and backwards – on the Himalaya at K-Days this summer.
  • Charlie Chopper: Fly 50 feet into the air inside a colourful helicopter on the new Charlie Chopper ride coming to the midway at K-Days. This ride is tons of fun for the tiny adventurers out there, and Mom and Dad won’t need to watch from the sidelines: the whole family can hop into the chopper on this exciting new ride. You’ll want to race to get in first because the two riders in the cockpit get full control of the throttle.

New Fair Food

You may have thought last year’s Doughnut Grilled Cheese and Foot Long Pizza Dog were wild, but the food masterminds have stepped up their game even more for this year’s K-Days.

Full list of entries for the K-Days New Food Contest:

Pink Strawberry Flavoured Candy Apple
Granny Smith apple dipped in pink strawberry candy coating.

Chicky’s Chicken
The Big Pickle Dog
Large dill pickle stuffed with a hotdog.

Corndog King
Bacon Beer Battered Corndog
Bacon corndog dipped in beer batter and served with bourbon BBQ sauce.

Churro Stuffed Oreo “Corndog”
Oreo cookie dipped in batter and then fried and served with Oreo cream icing.

Crazy Cones
Apple Pie Ice Cream Sandwich
Vanilla soft-serve ice cream and apple pie filling served inside a puffed cinnamon sugar rice crisp.

Family Squeezed/Freezed
Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Pop
Creamy peanut butter base ice pop with grape jelly throughout.

Fry Guys
Butter Chicken Poutine
Butter chicken served with French fries and cheese curds.

Gourmet Hand Made Stuffed Burgers
Mac N’ Cheese Stuffed Burgers
Macaroni & cheese-stuffed beef patties served with classic burger toppings.

Granny’s Cheesecake
PBO Stack – The Reese Oreo
Reese’s peanut butter cup sandwiched between two Oreos and cooked until gooey.

International Perogies
Teriyaki Chicken Perogies
Cheese & potato perogies served with chicken strips and sweet ginger-teriyaki sauce.

Le Meilleur Funnel Cake
Old Fashioned
Traditional funnel cake with icing sugar.

Chocolate Catastrophe
Funnel cake with vanilla ice cream, drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce.

Cherry Twist
Funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and drizzled in cherry sauce.

Strawberry Storm
Funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and drizzled in strawberry coulis.

Melt Town Grilled Cheese
Rainbow Grilled Cheese
Fruit infused grilled cheese sandwich with blueberry, strawberry and kiwi string cheeses.

Mini Donut Factory and Red Velvet Mini Donuts
Nutella Glazed Mini Donuts
Classic mini donuts served on a stick and glazed with Nutella hazelnut spread.

Mojito Trailer
Refreshing drink made with lemons, limes, honey and mint leaves.

Ogopogo Concessions
Espresso Flake Deep Fried Coffee
Deep-fried coffee treat served with espresso glaze, chocolate and powdered sugar.

Phat Dawgs and Phat Dawgs Express
Venison Hot Dog
European style sausage made from deer meat.

Pickle Pete’s
Deep Fried Butter Tart
Served with caramel and whipped cream.

Pizza Casa
Meatball Sub on a Stick
Meatballs and mozzarella baked in dough and served with marinara sauce.

The Poutine King
The Western Duck
Duck confit poutine with roasted garlic, caramelized onions and Dijon mustard.

Super Footlong Hotdogs
Bacon Mac & Cheese Super Footlong Hotdog
Footlong hot dog served with creamy macaroni & cheese and premium centre cut bacon.

The Waffle King
Yummy Tummy
Hong Kong style eggs, waffle and ice cream with your choice of toppings.

Wiggle Chips
Poutine Corn Dog
Hot dog, hash brown potatoes and cheese dipped in batter and fried like a corn dog.

Wings and Fries
Chicken Waffle on a Stick
Southern fried chicken fried in sweet waffle batter and topped with hot sauce, maple syrup and powdered sugar.

Wok This Way
Oreo Rice
Coconut rice topped with Oreos—like a classic rice pudding with an Asian flair.

Make sure you try as many of these novel creations as you can. Your taste buds will thank you.

Events and Attractions inside the Edmonton EXPO Centre:

  • Eat at the Grand: Beat the summer heat and your food cravings while you Eat at the Grand. Located in Hall E, Eat at the Grand has both your regular exhibition foods as well as cuisine options from around the world. Enjoy the indoor seating area while trying a wide variety of dishes.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Location: Hall E in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • The Farm: Take a trip to The Martin Deerline Farm and discover how your food journeys from gate to plate. All ages will learn something new about urban and traditional agriculture and have fun on top of it! This attraction features a variety of farm animals from cows and sheep to alpacas and miniature horses. Try your hand at all the different learning stations that The Farm has to offer: potato planting, cow milking and—new this year—beeswax candle making.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Times: noon until 10 p.m.
    Location: Hall C in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Grand Shopping Experience: Do you have the urge to shop? Head inside to Halls F and G for the Grand Shopping Experience where you can fulfil all your K-Days shopping desires. You will find that special item you’ve been searching for as you peruse over 350 exhibits across 122,000 square feet of indoor shopping paradise. The Grand Shopping Experience features the Grand Emporium at its center, an area for booths offering health, beauty and home décor products.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Times: noon until 11 p.m.
    Location: Halls F and G in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Kids Town: This is the place where kids aged two to 12 years old can explore a small-scale town built just for them and learn about different aspects of society. They can build structures at the Construction Zone, see a medial display at the Medical Centre, learn about different musical instruments at the Music Hall or join a scavenger hunt at the Library. There will be performances in Kids Town every day that include Kidomo, Bob the Builder, Thomas and Friends and Dora the Explorer. Children’s musician Will Stroet as well as magician Sheldon Casavant will also join in on the fun to entertain the youngsters.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Times: noon until 10 p.m.
    Location: Hall C in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Laugh Lounge: Get entranced by a professional hypnotist or laugh until your ribs are sore from July 28–31 at K-Days. Each performance at this 18+ attraction begins with a performance by Atomic Improv starring Donovan Workun followed by a hypnotist act or a comedy show. Entry to the Laugh Lounge is included in regular gate admission. Guests can guarantee a seat at the show, in addition to food and beverage service, with the purchase of a ticket to the Laugh Lounge VIP area presented by Yuk Yuk’s. Tickets for the VIP area are $27 plus applicable fees and taxes, and each VIP ticket will come with a complimentary ticket to Yuk Yuk’s. The VIP ticket will also include your gate admission to K-Days and a meet and greet opportunity. Visit for further VIP ticket details.
    Dates: July 28 – Erica Sigurdson (Comedian)
    July 29 – Wayne Lee (Hypnotist)
    July 30 – Andrew Grose (Comedian)
    July 31 – Wayne Lee (Hypnotist)
    Times: Doors open at 7 p.m. and show at 8 p.m.
    Location: Alberta Ballroom in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • The Neighbourhood: Gain access to the best of Edmonton’s local art scene. The Neighbourhood, presented by Boardwalk Rental Communities, features live acoustic performances, interactive art experiences and more. Local artists, crafters and artisans will be all in one place to impress and unleash the creator in you.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Times: noon until 10 p.m.
    Location: Hall H in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Peking Acrobats: The Peking Acrobats bring awe-inspiring artistry and athleticism to a new level as they push human ability to its limit. These graceful and agile athletes perform incredible balancing acts, gymnastic feats, contortions, trick-cycling and even more acts that you have to see to believe. Admission to the Peking Acrobat performances is free with the purchase of gate admission.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Times: 2 p.m., 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.
    Location: Hall D in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • So You Want to be an Anchor: Experience what it is like to be a news anchor with the CTV Edmonton news team. Find out how you handle yourself behind the news desk, and if you can impress and entertain, you just might see a familiar face on that evening’s broadcast.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Times: noon until 10 p.m. (first booking at 1:30 p.m.)
    Location: In front of the Alberta Ballroom in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Style District: Head over to the Style District from July 22–24 during K-Days and get the scoop on the latest trends in hair, makeup and fashion. You’ll get that VIP feeling with exclusive access to runway shows, modeling competitions and industry guest speakers. Plus, be sure not to miss the free daily wine tastings and beauty samples as you browse the booths. Experience an exclusive celebration of all the elements that not only create great style, but also a great lifestyle.
    Dates: July 22–24
    Times: noon until 10 p.m.
    Location: Hall B in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • TechLife: Back for its third year at K-Days, TechLife highlights emerging technologies and innovation from corporations, local inventors, educational institutions and more. This attraction features innovations that will tickle your inner techie whether you’re a technology whiz, a curious newcomer or stopping by with the kids. There’s something for everyone: video and tabletop gaming competitions, exhibitors and opportunities to disassemble and reassemble electronics. To ramp up the action, TechLife will host the first ever Canadian Drone Racing Championship on July 30 and 31. Participants will duke it out through a drone obstacle course, and spectators will be able to watch it all from live video taken on the racing drones.
    Dates: July 22–31
    Times: noon until 10 p.m.
    Location: Hall A in the Edmonton EXPO Centre
  • Zombie Outbreak: Ever wondered what your odds of survival would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Check out Zombie Outbreak in the Feature Pavilion in Hall B from July 29–31 in the Edmonton EXPO Centre. Fend off the undead, and watch your back for the other survivors in the ultimate zombie experience that takes you beyond TV and comics and straight into reality. Participants must be 16 years or older, and photo identification is required. Early-bird tickets are available until June 30 for $36.99 plus applicable fees. Regular price tickets will be $46.99 plus applicable fees. Please note that purchase of a Zombie Outbreak ticket includes K-Days Gate Admission and that only 30 tickets are available for purchase for each time slot of the activity. Registration, tickets and waiver forms are available through in the Feature Pavilion section.
    Dates: July 29–31
    Times: noon until 10 p.m.
    Location: Hall B in the Edmonton EXPO Centre

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